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Last Updated: 1st July 2022

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Avenue South Residence Developer
Avenue South Residence is proudly developed by UOL, Kheng Leong and UIC. UOL Group is one Singapore’s leading public-listed real-estate companies with a wide-ranging portfolio, including residential units, office towers and shopping centers, premium hotels and serviced suites. With a history of more than 50 years, UOL strongly believes in product excellence and quality service.

Kheng Leong Group, incorporated in 1949, has a growing portfolio through collaboration or direct investment with strategic partners, that spans all over the Asia Pacific region from Shanghai and Hong Kong to Sydney and also London and Los Angeles.

United Industrial Corporation (UIC), established in 1963, has grown becoming a premier listed development and property investment company in Singapore.

Avenue South Residence Location Map
Avenue South Residence is well situated at Silat Avenue. Future Cantonment MRT station is within 9 mins walk away. The location is well connected with three major expressways (AYE, CTE & MCE). Future residents will find future hotspots include the 43-hectare Outram Medical Campus and the expansion of the two Integrated Resorts — Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Sentosa. Avenue South Residence residents will also benefit from the nature scenery offered by the Rail Corridor, linking our green heritage to the evolving cityscape. Scheduled for completion in 2021, the 24km-long green artery will connect communities, spur development and revitalise the neighbourhood.

Discover the Avenue South Residence : Reserved for Visionaries and the Avenue South Residence location map.

Avenue South Residence Show Flat
Kindly schedule an appointment here or give us a call at +65 6100 8717 prior to making your way right down to view Avenue South Residence ShowFlat as we may be closed at certain timing.

Online registrants who’ve scheduled an appointment here will be able to receive Direct Developer Price and no commission is payable. Please be informed that units for sale at Avenue South Residence are on first come first serve basis.

Near UOL Silat Avenue SGH Avenue South House
The new development of the UOL Residence Avenue is situated in the center of Singapore Basic Hospital on Silat Avenue. You will find 2 high systems overlooking the central business area, with 56 surfaces and a sizable residential place measuring 24,5 972 square meters. South Residence Avenue has its personal parking ton in Bukit Merah region, only steps from the company region and Raples Square. The administration options to change this street into a residential area region near the railway corridor. The Avenue South House is situated in the quiet CBD part and five houses of the Singapore Improvement Trust (SIT). It is just a ideal refuge for house holds who want a quiet location on Avenue South Home, a couple of minutes from downtown. You is going to be accepted for a quiet and wonderful life by Avenue South Residence The 56 Air Gardens Avenue South Residences is one of the best entrepreneurs in several town areas, having its 18 Sky Gardens and four personal restaurants. At 245,975 sqft, area is big and the progress of Silat Avenue supplies a large amount of possibilities to the UOL Group.
Home Avenue South 1074: 56 experiences with dual systems
UOL Party Avenue South Residence is located in one’s heart of the city centre. This is an investment in the best time for the UOL Group to fix its land banks. Much of the remainder of OCR has just begun and Avenue South House presents investors in the city middle a fresh development. Avenue South is really a first ground business region with citizens comfortable shops.
Tanjong Tanjong Pagar MRT Section Silat Avenue South Residence
Most of these items contain a protection guard, clubhouse, function space, fitness center, tennis courts, share 50 michael, sunlight deck, barbecue leaves & youngsters’ playground. There is free parking. This is the just destination for a relax and enjoy children in most area. The house features give your household and family with complete family leisure needs. Locate a peaceful and peaceful lifestyle in Silat Avenue town centre. The closest MRT is Outram MRT, a cross-Singapore exchange of numerous MRT lines. The new MRT (Circle Line) and Outram MRT trade stations have almost perhaps not been developed. The coach to the NB trade is near Kampong Bahru. Five hundred six twin systems overlooking equally City and Silat Avenue, close to the Greater South waterfront, also function the South Residence.
UOL Party, UIC and Kheng Leong Organization Avenue South House
House Tanjong Pagar MRT Section, near several shopping centers is easy to Avenue South Residence. Like, Tiong Bahru Plaza and the houses in the regional UIC Homs South Avenue. Avenue South Freehold Property is located near Treasure Hills Town Park where guests may have a quality time with their individuals in lots of outdoor families. For survey and exhibit, Avenue South Residences may soon be available.
Nearly totally bought Avenue South Heritage Models
The start appointments also need to be verified. The consumers reacted greatly to Avenue South Residency as the very first point of sales nearly ended. 276 first period products of 300 devices have been offered, with almost all purchasers trying to sell assets.
Outram MRT Section Avenue South Home
The Core City Hub, avenue South House, presents access to Outram Park MRT Place over the Group Range and potential Cantonment MRT Station. The owners of the Bukit Merah Road and Kampong Bahru Path can also use different busses. Avenue South for the owners of the city is situated directly by the Ayer Rajah expressway (AYE) and CTE. Redhill MRT Stop is South Avenue House Showflat. The showing appointments will soon be available in the immediate future.
E Theresa’s Avenue is St Theresa’s College and Canton, which is nearer to the elite schools such as CHIJ Kellok (primary schools) and CHIJ E Theresa. The development consists of 1074 items with two twin towers on the main section and 56 surfaces on the bigger south waterside.
Showflat opening on Avenue South
Showflat South Avenue will be visible. Some styles can be viewed as in the showflat. A floor of the Silat Avenue exhibition area includes a décor to see if the location is ideal for consumers’lifestyles and families. Avenue South Residences also feature wallpapers and furnishings that permit audience to experience how a development occurs in the end. Showflat South Avenue Home is on their way. Please enroll here your curiosity about the VVIP Preview when you start the showflat.
The Avenue South display smooth functions inside styles that help customers to see the location they stay in. The inside design involves electrical appliances, such as for instance tapestries and TVs to ensure that customers may view the length from the sofa to the TV before setting. In its completely equipped closet the showflat has the current unit. While the system does not have false roofs the lightning and electricity materials are not involved, so that candles or other styles could be created by the homeowners, if necessary. A complete of 4,500 persons visited the Avenue South display smooth, showing the accomplishment of the project. See also the King’s Dock reef nearby the Better South Waterfront for more information about recent developments.
Avenue South Assortment of Showflat History, Horizon and Peak
Three major buyer collections are on Avenue South Residence. The History Series can be right for consumers wanting a peaceful and calm environment as it is rehabilitated by the old Singapore Development Trust. The heritage selection is blocks 1, 3 , 5 , 7, 9, the tiny blocks. Blk 11 and Blk 13 are greater suitable for customers in a impressive 56-storeyed condominium in the Horizon and Maximum collection. The accommodation is more multicultural and new.
South Avenue Site House Plan
The South Avenue Website Plan includes a number of infrastructures for both investors and residents. Available Av. Avenue.-Avenue. The South House has a large pool so that the family may have fun at home. In the initial floor of the challenge 8 retail shops and kids’ facilities is going to be positioned and the proposed plan for the Avenue South Residency will undoubtedly be 245,975 sq feet of land. Two wonderful 56-story towers, 18 Atmosphere Gardens and their own restaurants and entertainment locations are seeking out. On level 56, you can find four purpose rooms with an exceptional see of town centre.
Ground Policy for South Avenue
In the Avenue South Home, the customers have a few ground options to consider. Creating models are available from 1 to 4 rooms with individuals finding the look and development features they want. The ground options in Avenue South Residences have been designed to spend almost no place and include much modern décor which is essential to equally investors and residents. The Avenue South Home’s arrange for the workforce, because the Main Organization Section is merely minutes from the apartments, is also developed. The location of progress combines confidentiality and however pieces the current contemporary setting in a natural setting in the middle of town.
Avenue South House Large Rise Towers and Traditional Devices
Offering room and affordability in luxurious living parts for a portion of the city’s key price. For the newest floor and site schedule, please register soon. Avenue South Show Residence is located on Redhill MRT Station’s Alexandra View. Avenue South Home characteristics 2 high-rise systems at Avenue South Residences, all of which have a see to the Greater South Waterfront, along with 86 Residential Heritage units. The variety Horizon refers to units in the 3rd to 35th floors and models in the Peak variety, from 37th to 56th floors. The 474sqft heritage is probably the most investment-friendly arrangement. Please observe that purchasers who like the Horizon or Peak series can make one room with 527sqft surface.
Silat Avenue South close to Vivocity
Vivocity is a popular shopping middle near to Bukit Timah Avenue South. Singapore is also the biggest MRT section in Singapore. Toyo Ito, a Western custom, made the middle figure. The title of the Vivocity was the Vivacity term. The term is just a bubbling position for power and vitality. A relaxing downtown lifestyle visit is now available. In December 2016, Forbes categorized Vivo City as the world’s major buying centre. Silat and Bukit Merah Street are within walking range in the vicinity of the Vivo Town. Screening on Avenue South Home is in the pipeline in the immediate future.
Feeling expansion and progress
In September 2018 VivoCity built and extended a fresh cellar protecting a distance of 3000 metres. It’s 10 customs, activities and hospitality firms. The four large labels are FILA, Xiomi, Weston Corp and Adidas. The Page1=46 reception is located on an escalator in Kopitiam, alongside the foodstuff corridor, and provides hyperlinks to this B1 extension. Vivocity’s looking middle can also be turned into an end by many fashion and dining stars.
Vibrant center interpretations
Vivocity’s design framework is distinctive from another structures in the area. In the form of a box with massive amphitheatre, the Vivo is exclusive to the original architecture. Citizens of the Avenue South Home Frasers Home may appreciate the fresco-style Promenade which is also located 300 yards from Vivo Area. Many individuals in the open areas might have fun. The youngsters enjoy in the river on a waterspot. On the 3rd stage, under the wading pool.it, there are many children enjoying in the courtyard. In the Atmosphere Park Amphitheater where in fact the primary is available, a few people visit Sentosa. The architectural structure can be recognized among a lot more than 300 visitors in your community of residing, recreation and contemporary goods.
Near Silat Lane, Tiong Bahru Plaza Looking Center.
Tiong Bahru Sq was among the initial centers integrated 1994 nearby the business center. The UOL Restricted Organization founded Tiong Bahru square. There is a shop, a restaurant, a bakery and over 100 different niche shops in Tiong Bahru Plaza, as well as a number of suburbic centres. For tenants and personnel of the city, the Tiong Bahru Plaza presents a variety of point lodgers, coffee and snacks.
Tiong reel clients
The ability to connect to teenagers and aged people is one of many benefits of Tiong Bahru Plaza. Everything may stay irrespective of era in that region. Tiong Bahru Plaza has the ability, as it is packed with shoppers and people, to pull and signify equally new society and ancient cultures. Avenue South Home UOL is really a few minutes by vehicle from Tiong Bahru Plaza.
Shut Tiong Bahru transportation square transport
In an ideal position over the East-West area of Tiong Bahru station, Tiong Bahru Plaza has made it available to the public. There are various shopping facilities and utilities in the city. It gives services to educators, residents and organization homeowners from neighboring towns in Key Plaza.
Life Theme of South Waterfront
The city middle and new infrastructure for the just competent and intelligent persons are increasingly being accompanied by the final redesign of the Master Program 2014. The Better South Waterfront gives huge expense prospects in the primary town middle near UOL Group’s Avenue South house. This can be a quick go from the OUTRAN MRT Avenue South Home to save fuel. The Larger South Waterfront is the newest gate way to South Western Asia with the 43 Hectare Medical Gateway.
The main element nominee for growth is Avakia South Residence Unol’s Greater South Coastline. It is just a main driver for the southern shore of Singapore financial transformation. Creation businesses, common leisure, construction, neighbourhoods and suburbs will change from the Orchard path to Bold Basa and Sentosa, from the leading terminal. Sentosa’s incorporation can pave the way for business and culture.
South Coastal growth of the primary of the city
The growth of the tourist offer is essential and requires lots of preparing, planning and development. When the preparations proceed, enthusiasm and hope grow. The truth that folks declare that they stay along with Outram MRT on the shore of the east and west coastal regions is really a separate aspect. These seaside areas are in the offing for locations and airports for a long time.
South Waterfront housing and progress are significant
This development has served to recognize a number of market opportunities. South Avenue Home Silat Avenue is the modern location by which persons, including youngsters, kiddies, workers and customers, may partake in business and residential development. That growth could start possibilities for corporations to develop in a reliable business climate. Blended developments can encourage accommodation, hospitality and retail facilities. Efforts may grow. The efforts will be built in the midst of the city near Cantonment MRT station. The first floor of Avenue South House is really a 1st point place to purchase groceries. Value reports for Avenue South Properties are due soon.
Greeneries on the South Coast
In Tanjong Pagar, across the Kent Shape walk to Mount Faber Prime, that new section on South Avenue home is yet to be part of the setting. Usually remember Singapore as a spot in the jungle. Potentials for exponential growth keep on and greenery continues to be welcomed. The South Avenue house pSF stages from $1.800 and $2.100 million. One strategy is for motor vehicles to be pushed underground to be able to build overground regions. Climate is one of the best options that come with South Avenue residential building and UOL assures that certain chapters of the city are perfect for tenants.
Tanjong Pagar MRT Section Avenue South Residence Cantonment
Human-nature links are a large target for the growth of the new section in the Cantonment MRT station. The design of biophile structure for South Home Avenue site with ecological and technological functions, as well as live and individual parts. A research and case could soon be clear of the nature of Smooth Avenue South Living. With an area area of nearly 1.000 hectares 3 x the size of Marina Bay, the Better South Waterfront plan offers huge and conceivable opportunities.
UOL Neighborhood Avenue South Actual Property Agent
UOL has numerous purchase and structure capabilities and is one of the most profitable and biggest house firms in Singapore. UOL Restricted is an abbreviation of UOL Confined, an united international restricted place located in Singapore which changed its title in 2006. Furthermore, split fits for apartments and hotels are operated and controlled. The business can be acquired to clients and consumers collectively and wisely. Your new task is likely to be available close Cantonment MRT and Silat Ave Outram Park MRT Station.
UOL Team residential and corporate assets
The UOL Area Construction Company, including the present Avenue South Home Silat Avenue, has built a few residential and commercial homes in Singapore. Several properties or neighborhoods of various sizes are residential structures. Company structures and buying areas are involved available assets. Some ventures are only operated by UOL and some by other money and making firms. UOL now has a licensed affiliate UIC, which soared to around 50% on 13 June 2018. UOL also gets the help of UIC. UIC still has many industrial houses, but those are the signals of Avenue South ‘s growth in the biggest market of the city.
UOL Business Joint Opportunities and Alliances
The party owners of UOL also own entire qualities and well-known companies like the MRT condo stop Avenue South House. UIC, its subsidiary, owns all financial resources. UOL also possesses a 49.19% fascination with the Marina Middle Attributes land ownership division. Both Cooperative and alone handled resorts are section of UOL’s resort operations. The UIC association is the function of each hotel. Aquamarina Resorts with a big fascination with UOL of 49,59 % is another personal sector. Several UOL lodges were created for immobilization by the UOL Group. The organization has been provided numerous honours, which is dependant on sustainable sustainability. Put simply, customers are provided in good shape and in time. Kheng Leong is their latest collaboration with Avenue South House or apartment with the UIC Group.
UOL Group’s different business
UOL also offers a department that gives a selection of administration resources for essential companies. Management of projects, hotels and different related enterprises are listed. The many programs also contain the newest equipment. UOL has reveal reserves, only like the majority of listed companies, to maximize shareholder performance. UOL features a presence in Singapore, Asia and elsewhere for quality architecture (Avenue South Residence). Her cultural duty in Singapore was also recognized. In 2018, Singapore Money was rated 32nd out of Singapore’s 100 primary companies.
Singapore-based real estate creator Kheng Leong
Kheng Leong is a Singapore-based structure business that began as a small tart enterprise in 1949. Kheng Leong has entered the construction and real estate investment business in the fast-growing and growing organization world. Because and perhaps not among the new top features of UOL Celebration, Avenue South Residence hasn’t appeared back. In Shanghai, the branch of China Kheng Leong is in Singapore. You will have the ability to start to see the range of your expense through the involvement in Asia Pacific organizations from Hong Kong to Shanghai, Sydney and London in the west to Los Angeles.
Kheng Leong’s customer account
The great energy of Kheng Leong is his great and rising account of businesses and construction projects. Their construction can be being financed because the South Home Avenue with the UOL Group and the Kheng Extended Corporation. That is accomplished by working with one another personally. You’re definitely trying to create in your benefits by using synergies and assets to mitigate potential developments and acquisitions. We likewise have experts in architecture in industry, market and the landscape.
The corporation seeks to highlight the defense of the brand of the best items on the market. The Board members of Kheng Leong usually dominate the chairs of the Managing Panel with the United Offshore Finance and UOB-KAYHIAN.
The Appley, the Hill Plateau, Tudor 8, Eden, and therefore on. The Hill Plateau. Appley. Appley. Appley. In their very own fingers, they have many outstanding properties, such as Product Park.
Kheng Leong’s guidelines
Since 1949, their plans have made successful jobs possible for companies in the field. The business was hit by the large depression. It is really necessary for companies that build property and keep their manufacturer identity and industry image. Kheng Leong remained unchanged, along with preparing and experience in inside style , architecture and landscape style, to steadfastly keep up the continuity and the aesthetics of goods given by the company.
Kheng Leong is involved in well-developed properties, such as for instance Silat Lane, South Home Avenue. In a very competitive atmosphere, they come together to maintain accomplishment and survival. The organization has probably the most competent and qualified experts. They are buying the best challenge for stable production runs and increased profits.
The UIC, a Singapore-based property production organization, works in the Singapore property industry. It came into being in 1963 and saw numerous ups and downs. But you are able to however depend on the business for the longevity. The latest shopping mall in downtown and the Main Company District is Avenue South Residential.
UIC’s beginnings
UIC is renowned and its customers are well-known in its business. In 1969, the business became a community body. Singapore has a long custom of being supplied by many devoted customers. It is split into some other departments to keep up its activities. Singapore Land Ltd. and personal Marina Center House participate in the group’s various companies. The corporation took time for you to enter the Asian Relaxed Services technology and UIC sector.
UIC’s numerous capital qualities
The organisation’s fascination is especially in building numerous properties. The maintained share in Singapore Immobilien Restricted Company illustrates this. A fruitful residential business with large quantities of retail houses all over the nation and the recent growth of Silat Ave. It wasn’t just popular in Singapore but in addition in the Asian plateau. In China and the United Kingdom, there are many problems. The Silat Avenue Release brochure and floor strategy is likely to be on sale in the near future and the Red Slope MRT Stop will soon be launched.
Land Limited is an immobiliary company founded in 1963. Also referred to as Singapore is SingLand. The very first openly recognized association of land became their names. It is one of many greatest real-estate companies. The Singapore Area Base, the Clifford Middle and the SGX Middle will be the four most crucial assets. Each one of these actions are common in Singapore. The business includes a retail outlet with 1 million cubic feet and a large office part of 2.2 million. UIC purchased the organization in one stage to another after 1990. It is really a company that has led to shaping the property industry in the region.
More UIC market places
The business’s concern is also the UIC Asian Computer Resources. The IT business in Singapore has largely diversified and cost-defined. The enterprise had always been powerful and was founded in 1982. It’s competed in distribution, source and automation of software. They both build certainly one of Marina Center Estate’s greatest UIC assets. In Marina Square there’s a sizable picture area, restaurant and first-class searching centre.
The UIC has established a benchmark in most industries using its new progress of Key Organization Region Avenue South in Singapore. The company doesn’t have restrict and is really as simple to travel since it wants. The group is thankful for the reviews.
Cost increases for some owners of land
This increased making improved the amount of buys of real estate, so the purchase of more attributes can have more costs to purchase. In particular, Singaporeans have increased their making tasks by 7 per penny to 12 per dime, which allows investors to decide on less investment area including the price and part of Avenue South House. The locations near the center of the town could be investigated especially because the Central Organization Area is near to the Outram MRT Stop and Outram Park. New produces, such as for instance Avenue South House UOL Party, could be simpler to produce modern products at a lesser cost. You will find the brochure on Avenue South Dwelling below. Avenue psf ppf has a reduced beginning value of 1,138 dollars and is therefore really reasonably priced. Southern Dwellings Borchure Avenue South House will be opened in the immediate future.
Avenue South House UOL Home close to the colleges
It’s essential to be close to colleges like Avenue South since your kids head to college each day more often. It’s perhaps not plenty of time to visit school each day since, within walking range from college, you can go to college with kiddies every day. The residences on South Avenue start in July 2019 and the Avenue South residences can be found near Bahu Bus Exchange in the district of Kampong. As an example , kids may have more hours, education as well as rest in their homes. Among the important facets for selecting a home is having less travel time. Regional Outram MRT, South Silat Avenue including Major, cantonal elementary, major Radin Maš, Gan Eng major, Bukit Merah secondary, Zangde primary and high schools, Outram. Avenue South Silat Avenue in the region of Outram MRT.
Avenue South Residential West Center Central Business Place
Avenue South House MRT Cantonment is the perfect bottom for the beautiful and distinctive lifestyle, located in the center of Sila Avenue. See Avenue South House website program and ground programs for extra details.

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. He's a "go go" guy that's for sure... #Korea courts #FDI for Asia headquarters. "Bring your soul to Seoul," he says! #Singapore #Shanghai #HongKong have their own opinions on the matter.

The Korea Times #KORUSFTA #humantale…https://lnkd.in/g-qNQVQW https://lnkd.in/gPGCBsHq

Most expensive for #furniture & #appliance items, #kitchen appliances #Ashgabat, #Conakry, #Harare, #Beirut, #Kingston, #Vilnius, #Singapore, #Noumea, #Lilongwe, #Luanda #NYC =100 https://www.xpatulator.com/cost-of-living-article/Furniture-and-Appliances-Cost-of-Living_702.cfm

Lauder 1st-year students are one week into their four-week international summer immersion programs. In this week’s roundup, we bring you photos from #Singapore, #Germany, #Japan, and #Argentina!

#LauderLove @Wharton


News on #Singapore | Singapore's financial regulator has accused embattled crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital of exceeding its assets threshold and providing false information. https://reut.rs/3I5IpkO

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Avenue South Residence Facade Night
Avenue South Residence is a brand new condominium development along Silat Avenue. The 56-storey twin towers will emerge as a brand new landmark while they soar with elegant monumentality above the city. The layouts available are 1 to 4 bedrooms.

The 56-storey twin towers consists of 1074 residential units, overlooking the evolving waterfront. Enjoy effortless connectivity to all that Singapore is offering, with three expressways (AYE, CTE & MCE) attached to major hotspots around Singapore. Well-connected to green pockets, Avenue South Residence offers access to a selection of outdoor activities including cycling, jogging and trekking.

Resident in Avenue South Residence residents will also enjoy the nature scenery offered by the Rail Corridor from Anson Road to Marina Bay, linking our green heritage to the everchanging urban landscape. Scheduled for completion in 2021, the 24km-long green artery will connect communities, spur development and revitalise the neighbourhood. Find out more: Avenue South Residence : Reserved for the Visionaries.

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